LIVI HandleBar on Tour

The LIVI HandleBar is currently on tour in Asia, being shown to Motorcyclemakers, Technology Partners and Investors.


Last week it was shown to three OEMs in Taiwan and next week it will be shown to one Taiwanese and two Indian OEMs.


The response has been great and we are looking forward to take the concept to the next level together with existing and new partners.


Using the drivers smartphone as the main source for connectivity, processing and display of course means an unbeatable system cost, something that is critical on a price sensitive market.


Would you like to test it or help us make it better? Send an email to .

Designed for you with Safety in mind

Welcome to LIVI!

Traffic accidents are one of the largest public health issues in the world. Motorcycles and scooters in particular have a part in the 1.25 million yearly traffic fatalities.


Accidents are mainly caused by human error and not by a technical failure. (Studies have shown that only 3% are caused by vehicle failure, mostly punctured tires1).
1 NHTSA Hurt Report, 1981

We believe that in order to help drivers of scooters and other vehicles aviod accidents we need to introduce modern technology in scooters for active safety and driver assistance.

In order to have a market impact and drive adoption of the systems in markets where scooters are mostly used, they need to be affordable and come coupled with desirable and convenient features.

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/Simon Fellin